Open Source Control Platform

Digital Adapter Board

Digital adapter boards can be plugged into the five digital adapter sockets on the carrier board e.g. to lead through the gate signals to the power switches. Furthermore, it is possible to trigger the power switches by optical or voltage signals as it is apparent in the presented figure. Quick facts about the digital adapter boards:

  • 30 pins per adapter board
  • Up to five adapter boards on the carrier board results in a total amount of 136 digital pins
  • Each pin is configurable as input (e.g. for status signals) or output
  • There are two different boards possible. One, which can be seen in the figure, uses optical receivers and transceivers. Another one, uses voltage level (3V3, 5V or 15V) to output or input signals. Both are pin compatible.

A detailed description of the digital adapter board can be found at Docs.