Open Source Control Platform



A group of highly motivated students, PhD students and researchers of the Institute ELSYS and Control Engineering Laboratory (TH Nürnberg), Chair of High-Power Converter Systems (TU München), PEClab (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), and PE-FFT Research Group (Universidad de Santiago de Chile) formed a team in 2017. The team was founded with the vision to create a powerful and flexible real-time calculation platform for the control of power electronic systems, which takes the specific needs of researches into account. After gathering ideas about the system, a first in-person workshop was held in Nuremberg in July of 2018. The team gathered for the second meeting in late 2018. Funding programs have been identified that provide financing for the research and development of the UltraZohm system. In a second attempt, a funding opportunity was found in mid-2019 and a proposal was submitted in cooperation with further research institutions and industrial partners. Finally, this project was approved in the first stage of the financing process (end of 2019) as well as in the second stage (early 2020).


The KI-Power project, which enables the research and development of the UltraZohm platform, started in June 2020. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The project team consists of the following partners:

And the following associated partners: