Open Source Control Platform

UltraZohm – Real Time Control System

Real Time Calculation of Control Algorithms for Power Electronic Systems

The UltraZohm is a new real-time control platform based on a system-on-a-chip FPGA (SoC FPGA) with high-performance capabilities. The system utilizes an SoC with an FPGA as well as several processors, making the communication extremely fast, robust, and easy to use. Dedicated software and hardware have been developed to obtain a flexible platform for the control of power electronic systems in a wide range of applications. In addition, the system can inherently work with MATLAB/Simulink, which accelerates the implementation of control algorithms considerably.

UltraZohm is not just the hardware and software, it is an entire community, infrastructure and environment created by various research institutions to make high performance computing available to everyone. As part of the OpenSource concept, the system can either be built by yourself or, in case of lack of capacity, purchased at a fair price. Since all information are OpenSource, there are no closed areas which allows a transparent traceability. This has the advantage that the system can be built, extended or modified by the user himself, e.g. by designing his own adapter cards. The UltraZohm community is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the project KI-Power.

For the technical details and documentation of the hardware and software, please have a look at the UltraZohm Docs and the source files in our open-source git respository.

If you have any questions about the UltraZohm, are interested in joining the community or in using the system, please contact us.